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About Us

Everest Woodcarving Company With over 20 years of woodcarving manufacture experience, our commitment is to supply outstanding woodcarving products throughout North America.

We operate with well-equipped facilities, hierarchical management, advanced equipment and excellent woodcarving artisans. We fuse traditional and modern designs to create thousands of refined woodcarving styles used in diverse industries such as construction, interior design, kitchen cabinetry and furniture design. Additionally, we provide customized services to meet evolving market demands.

Our dynamic woodcarving products evoke inspiration that can be used to perfect contemporary office buildings as well as create cozy family homes that exhibit beauty, elegance and class enhancing your visual platform for the creation of never-ending ideas.

At Everest Woodcarving, we believe that a strong client relationship is the key to establishing long term success. Hence we always listen to our customers' demand to deliver their needs. Our continuous success in product design and innovation has allowed us to establish a solid and rewarding reputation by word of mouth!


  • Lumber cutting

  • Molding, CNC Machine, Production

  • Handmade woodcarving, Alteration & Touch-up

  • Finished products

  • Packing

  • Shipping